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Light Rider Playbook

The Playbook for beginners and advanced users

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  • over 120 pages of Light Rider knowledge
  • step-by-step instructions
  • many hands-on tips
  • Profile Builder app Guide
  • ideal for beginners and intermediate
  • to take with you as PDF file

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Hello and welcome to my Light Rider Playbook for beginners and advanced users. In this book, I will tell you many hands-on tips and tricks of handling with Light Rider.


For whom is the Light Rider book suitable?

The basics are explained, which are especially suitable for beginners to get into the control with Light Rider. Maybe you haven‘t bought a Light Rider interface yet and are still thinking about it. I think that‘s when this book is right for you. But also for advanced users we I‘ve put together a few topics to get more out of your light setup; for example how to create multibars properly to use all functions or how to further improve the connectivity of the interface Wi-Fi.


What previous knowledge should I already have?

Basically, you don‘t need any previous knowledge to understand the topics in this book. But it´s good if you have some basic knowledge about DMX.



Why did you write this book?

That‘s a good question. The answer is because I‘ve always wanted to write a book to be able to proudly say in certain circles that I wrote a book. Joking aside ?

That‘s why I thought I‘d write down my knowledge of the last years in a book and give you my experiences and learnings so that you don‘t have to start from scratch. In order to guide you through the book more clearly, I have thought about a small example setup, which I will show you here.


What can you expect in this book?

In order to get a better overview, I have structured the book so that you can read through a continuous process from beginning to end.

In the second chapter, we will focus on the basic questions like costs and licenses, as well as the concept behind the app.

The third chapter deals primarily with the hardware, i.e. everything from the tablet, light rider interface, where for example all connections and keys are ex-plained – up to the wiring of the DMX fixtures.

The fourth chapter is dedicated to patching fixtures in the Light Rider app and how I can add fixtures and set the PAN and TILT limits correctly.

In chapter five we‘ll look at how to create fixtures that aren‘t in Light Rider‘s fixture library. For this, we use the Profile Builder app and create different fixture types like LED Spot, Moving head, Derby, Multibar or special fixtures like a roller scanner.

Chapter six describes the basic control with the Light Rider App. Which but-tons have which function, what does the Wahoo effect do or how do I work with colors?

For possible problems with the Light Rider app, I provide several graphics in chapter seven, which should help you in troubleshooting and finding the error.

In chapter eight I will show you how to best synchronize Light Rider with your music.

Chapter nine is a collection of tips and tricks, which I collected over the last years and which are especially suitable for advanced users.


Tablet of Content


General information
Costs and licenses of Light Rider
Light Cloud Account
The concept of the Light Rider App

Connection of the interface

Hardware Requirements
Light Rider Interface
Other Interfaces for Light Rider
Connection of light equipment
Connect to Light Rider Interface
Using Daslight 4

Patching of Lighting Equipment

First installation of the Light Rider app
Patching the devices in Light Rider app
DMX configuration of the lighting equipment
PAN/TILT limitation
Selection of fixture groups
Manual fader adjustment

Profile Builder App

General information
Simple Effects (PARs)
moving heads
Advanced effects (Wizard, Warlock or other roll effects)
Multibar Effects (FX Bars)
Derby Effects
Create effects with white, UV and amber LEDs
Synchronization with Light Rider

Live Mode

Access to the Light Rider live screen
Working with projects
Color effects
Motion effects
Effect Settings
special effects
Automatic Modes
Working with colors


Light Rider Interface is not recognized
Connection terminations with Light Rider Interface
No control of DMX fixtures possible
Light flickers
Login in the Profile Builder App not possible
Password reset for Light Rider or Profile Builder app
Created fixtures are not patched correctly
Fixture functions are not controlled

Synchronization with music

Ableton Link
Which sound mode is best for me?

Learnings & Best Practice

The app runs best with these tablets
Follow spot function
Improve Wi-Fi connectivity
Creating maximum connectivity
Uplighting with Light Rider
Backup management
Light Rider and Wireless DMX Solutions
Which interfaces do NOT work with Light Rider
Suitable lighting equipment
Management via hardware manager (firmware update, WLAN modes)
Registration of the Light Rider Interface
Useful information about the Light Rider Interface

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This ebook is created to the best of our knowledge and belief. For any damage, which can result from following these instructions, any adhesion is impossible. Legal recourse is excluded.

The work including all its parts is protected by copyright. Any use outside the narrow limits of the copyright law without the consent of the author is inadmissible and punishable by law. This applies in particular to duplications, translations, distribution and making available to the public.

Light Rider Playbook – The Playbook for beginners and advanced users